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An assemblage of changemakers, investors, subject matter experts and sector specialists that provides advice on product development, accessing funds, gaining market-access & traction, improving business operations and scaling up. The network also has its members – startup founders, since peer–to–peer networking is an effective learning mechanism. When founders share their starting up experience – it dispenses with the need for the newer startups to learn from scratch.

Why join the 50K Network?

The 50K network counts as its members the sharpest minds from the corporate world and academia and also founders of successful start-ups. As a member of this network, you get to:

  • Give back. A chance to help a less-experienced version of yourself succeed. Someone helped you – avail of the chance to ‘pay it forward’.
  • Be wired in – to new ideas, innovations and investment opportunities.
  • Connect with other bright, like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds and competencies from around the world.
  • Participation at events that examine emerging technologies and resulting opportunities while also exploring new directions in management thought and practice.

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