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India's First Virtual Startup Validation Pitch Event

What is The Validation Pitch (TVP)?

A flagship initiative from 50K Ventures, The Validation Pitch (TVP) is a virtual pitch event for early stage startups to be re-validated by investors, industry experts and potential customers.

The looming uncertainty in the market now is accelerating the transformation of businesses and it has become more important than ever to future-proof your company.

Why Startup Validation?

Startup founders often put in a great deal of effort and resources into building products without a proper understanding of the market demand or product market fit. And they fail!

The idea behind Startup Validation is to ensure that startups get to hear from investors, industry experts and potential customers which may mitigate failure.

Outcomes of TVP

Product Validation

Validating the product in the areas of Technology, UX, Scalability by product experts from the industry, shall give a scope for improvement and to avoid certain pitfalls.

Business Model Validation

The business model validation provides a structured space to set up and build upon the experiments that need to run to test critical assumptions and will save time and resources by falsifying hypotheses in the business model before proceeding to product-market fit.

GTM Strategy Validation

When resources are limited, competition is fierce, and deadlines are nipping, one needs something to fall back on and tell that the plan is on the right path. And one of the best things to do just that is validating the Go To Market strategy.

Who validates the startups?

  • Investors (Angels/VCs)
  • Industry Experts (CXOs, Product Experts etc.)
  • Potential Customers (SMEs, Corporates etc.)

Who can Apply?

Startups meeting the criteria below can apply:

  • Product & Team in place
  • A minimum of 2 co-founders
  • Upto 5 paying customers
  • Falling under any of the themes listed below:

Fin Tech

Ed Tech

Health Tech

Clean Tech

Agri Tech

Retail Tech

What's in it for Startups?

  • Funding Support of $50,000 from 50K Ventures
  • Mentoring & GTM Support
  • Partner Perks worth $7000